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Alfa 8c Spider

A wise man once told me that to truly have a love of cars you must at one point own an Alfa Romeo, Just recently i am beginning to understand why.
My love of cars started from a very young age, my cousin had an old Alfa and at the time i couldnt help think that it was an ugly looking beast that i would never want to own. As i have got older my tastes have developed and i can now see why everyone should own an Alfa, at least once.

Just one look at this car and you fall in love, the common Alfa styling of the front grill is still present. The car has been produced with a Maserati 4.7 litre v8 engine which throws you from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

At £174k its likely to make you wonder ” do i still want this Ferrari?”


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New Porsche Museum, Germany

Porsche’s new museum in Germany has finally been completed, and is due to open later this month.

The new building is situated next to Porsche’s HQ in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, cost an estimated €100 million to build. For that, Porsche expects to welcome more than 200,000 visitors to the new museum each year.

The museum is a giant Porsche timeline tracing the history of the brand, with various mini-exhibits along the way, including a transparent glass-fronted workshop allowing visitors to see classic Porsches being renovated and worked on.

Nearly all of the exhibits at the museum are real working examples, still entered into historic races and events as part of Porsche’s ‘Museum on Wheels’ program. This also means that the museum’s collection will change regularly, as cars come in and out.

The previous Porsche museum, which opened in 1976, had space for just 20 cars. The press release states brilliantly that it was loved for its ‘blend of Swabian austerity, pragmatism and down-to-earth modesty’. Err… sure.


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New Ford Focus RS


Ford have released the concept for the new focus RS and it seems to be hopefully a more tasteful, subtle replcement for the previous RS. The main pitfall of the previous RS was the way it conveyed its quality to that of a car owned by a young lad with a vast amount of halfords gift vouchers.

The new RS is almost certainly going to be brilliant producing 300bhp from its 2.5lt engine, improving on the 222bhp produced by the previous model.

Roll on springtime when we will see what ford really has instore for us.

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tesla roadster uk


The Tesla roadster has grabbed my attention recently after seeing it highlight on top gear and in several publications. Its not hard to see that with vehicles like this becoming a little more user friendly and refined that the internal combustion engine may infact start to phase out within the next 10 years. Electric and hydrogen fuel cells powered vehicles are becoming a little bit more sought after in the markets to tackle the costs of fuel.

The tesla roadster itself is based loosely upon a lotus chassis and shares a good likeness to the lotus elise. The standard all-electric Roadster develops 248bhp and hits 60mph in 3.9 seconds. The Roadster can travel 244 miles (393 km) on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack with a reported efficiency of around 120mpg. tesla claim it to be 90% efficient.

Tesla have chosen construct the body panels using resin transfer molded carbon fiber composite to minimize weight, making the roadster one of the cheapest cars to feature an entirely carbon fibre skin.

I look forward to coming across my first Tesla roadster.

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Hello world!

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