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Alfa 8c Spider

A wise man once told me that to truly have a love of cars you must at one point own an Alfa Romeo, Just recently i am beginning to understand why.
My love of cars started from a very young age, my cousin had an old Alfa and at the time i couldnt help think that it was an ugly looking beast that i would never want to own. As i have got older my tastes have developed and i can now see why everyone should own an Alfa, at least once.

Just one look at this car and you fall in love, the common Alfa styling of the front grill is still present. The car has been produced with a Maserati 4.7 litre v8 engine which throws you from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

At £174k its likely to make you wonder ” do i still want this Ferrari?”


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